What is a Weight Loss Journal

A weight loss journal helps you watch what you eat by writing down your daily food calories (no cheating) and what exercise you do.

Eating habits have a way of changing over time.  Slowly we start to eat bigger portions, more sugar, more ‘occasional’ take outs, second helpings, and boredom eating. In lots of ways the number of calories we eat can increase gradually over time without us realising what is happening.

A weight loss journal highlights this and helps us get back on track.

(See my article about the effects of just a few more calories HERE)

We can also keep track of our activity levels – these often drop off when we are busy or focused on other issues.

Journaling can also help us keep track of how our moods affects our eating habits. Am I stressed or too busy to diet?  Do I  use food as a reward when I need a ‘pick me up’?

By keeping a weight loss journal, we can see what needs to change and how to do it.


Keeping a Journal is like a life audit helping us to:

Find out when we are most likely to raid the fridge – do you get the midnight munchies?

Discover the highest calorie foods in our diet and make healthy food swaps.

See how our mood affects our eating habits.

Find ways to increase activity.

Work out if we need to de stress or de clutter our lifestyle.

Find ways to become more mindful.

Keep on track.



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Calorie counting is a very successful way to lose weight but it can have it’s drawbacks. If you feel that you are becoming too obsessive about your calories, or if you mental health is being affected by this method of weight loss please stop counting calories and see a health advisor. There are many other ways to lose weight if you need to, without counting calories.


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